Weather Forecast

Rainy Nov morning

Dawn drifts over the ridge
Into the deep grayness of fog
Reluctantly the sun
Relinquishes the day
As the light moves
From shadow to shade
Stripping color from prism’d palette
Revealing only gray scale
In the murky afternoon
Dusk extinguishes
The last frail lamp
And night returns to night.

Succumbing to the weather
Misery has its own forecast.

15 thoughts on “Weather Forecast

  1. …Oh..oh can tell it right…we have a crazy right here back in the Philippines… And it scares me a bit everytime it rains here for i lived quite near to Dam.. Aww… Electric powers are on & off since last night…so i must be probably using my phone in writing this and reading yours…smiles…

  2. today was terrible weather…they said it was going to be in the 60s….it might have got to 40 and it was a cold drizzle all day…and thick fog…what the heck…i want some sunshine! smiles…

  3. oh i feel this…we had lousy weather for weeks over here…dark and grey and rain – it’s not easy to not succumb to the weather and try to keep up a joyful mood…so much easier in summer, isn’t it..

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