War and Peace

Gone are the days of restless hearts
Empty pockets and tear filled
Moonless nights
Younger faces peered
Back from those mirrors
Now wiser and grayer
Welcoming each day
With well earned knowledge
That there are fewer in store
And more precious the peace
Hard fought for and won

20 thoughts on “War and Peace

  1. I too have found peace, well more peace as i grown older and a little grey(ish).
    My peace comes from within – and tis only an unguarded moment when I allow others to momentarily take it from me.
    Peace be with you my friend.

    Anna :o]

  2. In marriage there is a peace that comes from growing older together, finding a better fit – but it’s only achieved at the price of knocking off some rough edges, picking up a few wounds to the ego etc. I get something of the sense of that in your words.

  3. I am not sure gray will erase my restless heart, nor wisdom. The more I know, the more I seek and the more I cannot rest with what is when it could be different.

  4. …This is like a poem from a war veterans who after a long battle with wars fin’lly find surrender and rest for some perpetual peace…speaks so deep and touching at some point/s… thanks for the poem..smiles..

  5. Our gray hair is earned and the wisdom is a nice exchange… now, if only our children would listen instead of having to learn for themselves.

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