Its the Sky

July sunset 2

It’s the sky, really, that I crave –
The just dawning morning sun
Luscious watercolors, palest pink and lavender
Palette of the early hours

But maybe the breeze is my desire-
The cool blue cedar scented wind
Filling the sapphire sky with movement
And falling leaves, gold and red

Or perhaps it’s the trees
Sturdy oak and cedar, sassafras
And elm, red maple and hickory
Bark skinned and wreathed in wonder

No, now I’m sure it’s the birds
With their chorus of sweet song
From first pale light to deepening dusk
Rising up into the ebullient sky

No, it must be that sky
With twilight glimmering of silvered stars
And golden moonrise glowing.
That is really what I crave today.

22 thoughts on “Its the Sky

  1. Oh, this is so lovely and peaceful and yet it still tickled that little thrill from my chest that I get when I stumble into one of those little awe-inducing moments that the universe sometimes gifts us with. And that, my dear, is no small feat. Well done!

  2. Your opening line is brilliant, “It’s the sky, really, that I crave –”, and the sensate feel of the poem gives it such a “live” feel, the watercolours, the cedar scent and chorus. Nice!

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