The New Day

Sunset before new years eve 2011

As the old year slinks away into the night
I will throw my shoes at its shadow
Shaking the dusty months from my clothes,
I will wear my cap and shirt inside out
So the old minutes and seconds can’t cling
Like a bad smell
I will salt the earth where the previous days
Stretched on and on
Assuring they will not
Follow me into the new year
When the New Years Eve bonfire is burning
I will gather the bitter herbs
And walk counter clock wise into the previous moments
Casting the hated bouquet into the flame
Leaving its acrid taste behind
With the smell of its grief and sorrow

Only then will I wreath my head with four leaf clovers
Fill my pockets with new pennies
And my trunks with rabbit’s feet and horseshoes
And walk bravely into the coming year
Head held high and with cheerful optimism
I will greet the new day

32 thoughts on “The New Day

  1. I never heard of any of these traditions. Thanks for knitting them into such a lovely poem. Thinking there were a couple of shadows in this past year I ‘d like to throw my shoes at.

    • Years ago did a new years ritual of writing all the bad things from the previous year on small scraps of paper and then burning them – there is a sort of release and renewal in fire. Might be a little dangerous this year! Oh well – all in the past year now- on to better things – thanks Nancy! K

  2. ha love it…the throwing of the shoes…the wearing clothes inside out so th eold minutes wont cling….very cool…love the fourleaf headdress and new pennies…ha..and all things new…happy new year k

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