Field of Frost Flowers

Frost flowers 3Frost Flowers

As I was driving up the ridge this morning, I noticed these ‘frost flowers’ in bloom along my path. I have heard them called rabbit frost before but most people know them by frost flowers. Our temperatures were cold enough to freeze the moisture left in these road side grasses, causing the membranes to burst and freeze as it squeezed through the plant stems.
I wish I could show you how delicate these are – a thin sheet of frost swirled out around the plant. Shattering on contact and soon evaporated by the morning sun, they are a wonder each time I see them.

blossoming in the crystalline field –
flowers of delicate frost appear –
ephemeral beauty

Another wonder we encounter in the course of our seasons!

7 thoughts on “Field of Frost Flowers

    • Hi Karen – I thought of you when taking these pics this morning – knowing that you would have done miraculous photos of these beautiful ‘frost flowers’.
      Thanks for thinking of me – and I am hanging in.
      Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season! K

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