A Poem for Advent

Childhood Creche

This is the second Sunday of Advent and I would like to share a poem with you from my book, The Course of Our Seasons. It began with the story of Elizabeth greeting Mary and the child in her womb, leaping for joy.


Joy leapt up
Like a hare in the meadow
Like a quail on the wing
Like a fish in the sea.

Joy leapt up
And ran and jumped and skipped
And fell into my lap.

Joy said
Did you see it?
A song bright as a candle.
A light sweet as a song.
A star strong as a heartbeat.

Joy leapt up
And twirled about the room
About the earth
About the sky

Joy leapt up
From a promise
From a Word
From a womb.

Joy leapt up!

10 thoughts on “A Poem for Advent

  1. SMILES…could you imagine the feeling of that joy leaping within…and the thought as well of a child unborn already understanding what was about to happen….very cool verse…hey i got that book…smiles.

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