Blank Canvas

hill & hollow Blank Canvas

The exuberance of autumn
Its colors, garish in other settings,
Orange, fuchsia, yellow, scarlet
Against the bluest sky
A profusion of input
To overload the senses

Now gives way
to a minimalist season-
dark bare limbs
paler sky
stately sycamores
white and gray bark exposed
quieter palette with softer contrasts
browns, charcoals,
olive green cedars
restful to the sight
and mind
morning fog’s
blank pages
in which to dream
on which to write

4 thoughts on “Blank Canvas

  1. I love your imagery (as always). Early fall is so different from middle and late fall. And when the leaves finally come down, it has a beauty of its own but it certainly is far more desolate.

    I hope, dear friend, that you’ve had a good weekend. I got a lot done, but not much on the blog. It’s so nice though to get a few things done around the house.


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