The Last Really Good Shack #33

The Last Really Good Shack by Carol Allen

We had a storm blow through last night. It woke me up about 1:30am with the wind howling, lashing rain and very bright lightning followed by VERY boisterous thunder. Now we needed the rain, so I can’t complain.
But as I lay listening, I was reminded of the storms at the shack.
If you remember, the way the house sat on the side of the ridge, we were below the ridge tops, facing west, with the road basically running north south in front of the house along a narrow hollow. From our porch we looked up across the road to the facing ridge.
We could watch the wind move in the trees across from the house along the top of the ridge, move down through the oaks and hickorys, up our property into our white oaks before we even felt a breeze. It was a mesmerizing sight to watch the trees move. And of course depending on the severity of the storm, the trees would move wildly or more sedately with the wind.
I remember the first time I heard the rain coming up the road from the south. It took me a few seconds to realize what I was hearing – the sound was so different than anything I had experienced before. But I could hear the storm and the rain slowly approaching and getting louder and louder until I watched the raindrops, almost at a walking speed, come up the drive to the porch. It was astonishing!
And the thunder! Now that was something! It would literally roll down the hollow. And not only could you hear the sound rolling, but you could feel the thunder as it rolled past the house. It was wonderful.
Because the porch was so deep and the roofline so low, unless it was just a terrible wind, we could sit comfortably and watch as the storms progressed. Now it was loud because, remember the roof was tin! And even a little rain shower was noisy – but in a good way.
It was always a joy to watch the wind blow across the ridge and hear the rain coming down our little lane. And I can still feel the thunder as it rolls by.

well, until next time……

7 thoughts on “The Last Really Good Shack #33

  1. My place is on the top of a hill overlooking a hollow – I didn’t know what thunder rolling actually was until I moved here. It amazing to sense yourself being in the midst of it. Where was the shack?

    • I know! I miss that sound here – we are at the end of a narrow peninsula out in Table Rock – we hear thunder all around us though – it is outside of Pea Ridge on the Old Rogers Rd. Its so sad to see it now -all the trees gone from the property line north to a new housing development – bah humbug – progress!! I have been meaning to email you – what did you think after you had read everything the other night ?

      • I really enjoyed it – what a project. I totally get that love of the land. I have a place that is not nearly as old or as rough, but I’ve been rehabbing it for a decade. It has only had electricity and plumbing since 1985. I have rehabbed homes before but I never really inhabited a home before the Stone House.

        I have an idea where that is – so much development, so much deforestation. There’s something magical about walking on the same floors that generations have walked on.

      • I’m happy you enjoyed it – It made me laugh – because I was watching the numbers climb in the stats column – told my husband – Oh my gosh, Lorri is reading the whole thing! It was my highest day total by far!!! Hilarious! K

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