Her Voice

Her Voice

The family joke is that her children rejected her lullabies
To hear The Battle Hymn of the Republic sung in his off key baritone
That soprano voice, trained and educated,
Her hands knowing and strong across the keys
Music that would draw her children to hear
Her song and the music she created
As if following the pied piper
Singing Tammy and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Christmas carols and every hymn in the Baptist songbook
We would sing together
Or sit and listen to her voice
That voice we heard from our watery beginnings
That voice that would bring tears to his eyes
In love and admiration
The sound of the surprise gift of the baby grand
Home in the front bay
Where she would play and all the neighbors
In their homes would listen to the glorious notes
Her hands and fingers and voice produced
That cherished instrument
Sold soon after he died
And then she stopped singing
Her children left bereft in the silence
Knowing finally her music was only for him.

15 thoughts on “Her Voice

  1. Kathleen — well done and I love the story caught and shared with us. Very moving and sad.
    Music plays such a large part in our lives and how it impacts always worth a reflection or two.
    Thanks for your great story — Have a great week!

  2. oh heck that brought tears to my eyes…so sad for the kids but i can imagine loving someone so much that music just doesn’t make sense any more once he’s gone…what a moving write kathleen

  3. This is just absolutely fantastic! You’ve got yourself a brand new follower. I look forward to reading more of your work. Great storytelling. 🙂 I’m a new fan.

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