silvered disk fills the eastern horizon-
sweeping away the falling stars –
moon rise
pewter and tarnished silver –
reflection in the calm cove-
moonlight sparkles off the pride of the stag-
antlers gleam in the silvered light –
hunters moon

11 thoughts on “Moonshine

    • No, sorry – I think it was last winter. It is one of the few photos that I am pretty proud of! I want a better camera – just have a little point and shoot – but it can’t be too big or too heavy or have too many fiddley bits : ) K

      • LOL – It’s a great shot no matter what you used:) Are you thinking of more functional point and shoot or something with interchangeable lenses? My sister went with a simplified version of my camera – she has an Olympus Pen EPL-1 – very lightweight, very simple, very economical. It’s a super camera that she can master and continue to grow with. Not too many fiddley bits:)

      • I don’t know what I want really. But there are so many times that I could get a shot of birds or animals and they are too far away to get a good pic. Last fall we were coming into ES thru Berryville – we were just north of town – and saw at least 25 bald eagles. Tried to get pics – in fact they are way back in the blog archives – but the best I could do was – ‘see those white spots – those are eagles’ Would have loved to have good pics of that!

      • Sounds like you need a super-zoom – a point and shoot with long range. They have some that reach further than my bird lens. Some have as much as 40X optical zoom.

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