Self Portrait at Fifty Seven

Self Portrait at Fifty Seven

scarred and calloused the deep etchings
of life lived and the hard
changes made
decisions of truth over lies
and gray over dyes
kindness fought hard to win over selfish pride
longing given way
to understanding and forgiveness
both for faults well earned and others too
the needs and wants
before collided
now turn to best before good
knowledge hard fought for
and occasionally won
the days swiftly move toward the ultimate end
when the choosing of the now the moment the here
gains the upper hand
and I will go into the dark night
the better for it

29 thoughts on “Self Portrait at Fifty Seven

  1. Hi Kathleen. Like Ellen, I am 58. Your poem has lots of echoes for me. I like the reference to the Dylan Thomas poem. I see things so differently now, I sometimes wonder if I’d even recognise myself of 30 years ago. Jane

  2. wonderful portrait, Kathleen, and I just love how you ended it… all those trials and choices made leaving you stronger, better, and wiser at the end… cheers! 🙂

  3. it sounds like you went through some hard times in life and that you learned a lot from it…fighting the good fight, gaining wisdom, making the right decisions…i like

    • Thank you, Claudia. I dont think I have had any more or any less grief and hardship than any other human – tis the human condition – but the most valuable lessons I have learned are love and kindness and forgiveness, mercy, grace – and either Im a slow learner or maybe my ego got in the way when younger – but took these years to understand. K

  4. excellent piece. The use of time and choices is illustrated very well here. The shadow looming is present, which does make choices all the more important moving forward, or at least that’s how decisions feel. Great portrait. Thanks for sharing tonight

  5. Dear Kathleen, I will return to read this poem again. Thank you. I’m 58. Time is so interesting. Sometimes, not all day for sure, I feel younger than 20 years ago.

    “truth over lies/and gray over dyes” so much here…Love, Ellen

    • I knew we had to be close in age – seems we have mirrored so much in each others lives. Happy you liked this – sometimes I think of the young woman I was and it gives me shivers – so not too bad that trade off – a little wisdom comes with age! : ) – sending you a smile and a hug! K

  6. Life lessons can be so difficult for us to learn at times too, can’t they. Harsh, unkind even but, I do think they teach us more about ourselves than we perhaps we knew before. It sounds as if you have had your fair share of trials and tribulations but, have fought and won many of them and those you didn’t, learned to let them go. Yes, we only have now.
    A really lovely read

  7. choosing now is best for sure, i think too that does get easier as we get older and life slows us down a bit…not always needing to be somewhere….hope the dark night does not come too quickly for you though…smiles.

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