Clear Night in the Ozarks

Clear Night in the Ozarks
The eerie sound wakes me
Distant baying through the dark woods
On a moonlit night
Hounds chasing fox into burrows or
Raccoons up trees
Faint smell of hickory smoke
Drifts from the small camp
Where the men stand
warming themselves
With the jar
And fire
Telling lies and listening
For the changing voice
Of the hounds

I settle back into the pillows
snug under the winter quilts
to dream of the chase and the fire and the moon
on a clear night in the Ozark hills.

10 thoughts on “Clear Night in the Ozarks

  1. This has the sound of folk art or myth. It could be anywhere – any time; men being men, and a woman under a blanket (a set of symbols pulled into one word) under the stars with a fire – universe, sexual roles, possibilities all contained in one short verse. Brilliant!

  2. Hi. I love this poem. It has a strong narrative line and takes me into the experience… I like the way the last stanza allows you to be relaxed and aloof, yet part of the night. Jane

  3. “Where the men stand
    warming themselves
    With the jar
    And fire
    Telling lies and listening
    For the changing voice
    Of the hounds”

    The men standing around telling lies…passing the whiskey and listening…That is exactly right. And you painted a very vivid scene for me, I can hear the fire pop and sizzle and smell the smoke as it shifts. Very nice..I love the Ozarks…Thank you.

  4. nice…love me a camp fire in a cool night.. the listening to lies adds a bit of a twist to the peaceful atmosphere.. but then to snuggle up in bed makes for a warm closure..

  5. This poem transports me to the Ozarks, on a clear night… I can hear the eerie sounds, watch the nighttime creatures under the moon, smell the hickory smoke, feel the chill of the night. Though I’ve never been there, I got there! Thank you for the visit!

  6. smiles….made me think of sitting around the camp fire…have known a few of those jars in my day….whew they carry a bite…but make the lies flow smooth…hehe…lovely imagery in this…ready to go out and sit under the stars for a bit…

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