Views of an Ozark October Afternoon

That, my dear friend, is my drive home from work this week. The first two photos were taken on the top of the ridge where I pulled into a farm drive. The rest are taken on the road down the ridge to our house. It had just started raining and the colors were sooooo vivid. I would have taken more but my camera quit!
The last week has just been breathtakingly beautiful. It makes me fall head over heels in love with this region, all over again!
I hope you are enjoying your part of this gorgeous world as I send you these pictures of mine!

13 thoughts on “Views of an Ozark October Afternoon

    • Thanks, Karen Just came back home from another drive – this time took my mom out to see the colors. The trees in 6 are sassafras – they always remind me of the trees in japanese wood block prints – very sculptural. I think that Ozark is maybe a word from a Native American tribe – I will check and let you know what I find out! K

      • Well – what would we do without Google nowadays! The word Ozark maybe from the French Canadian (!) settlers – ‘Aux Arcs’ or the Quapaw Indians in the area may have referred to themselves as Osark.

  1. Ooh! You’ve gotten some gorgeous color this fall out there. Ours are still in the process of turning, but I just love watching the progression into brilliance 🙂

  2. How beautiful! The trees were pretty when we were there, but not this pretty! Guess we were just a couple of days early!

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