Love’s Banquet

A family tradition

Stacks of plates, crystal and napkins
Come out of the pine china cabinet
Tablecloth is spread and places counted
Helping hands appear with excited faces
Set the table with this silverware
(from the wedding set of your grandparents given on that rainy day in 1953)
Are there enough plates?
(an assortment of mismatched  china from sets old and new)
The potatoes are ready
(mounded in the pink flowered  bowl once cherished by your great grandmother)
Use this serving spoon
(the last of the set from a great-great aunt who never married)
Slice the turkey
(arranged onto the transferware platter bought at a dime store a long time ago)
This recipe is from your dad’s side and this is from your grandmother’s people
Holding hands, we each tell of our thanksgivings
Then with plates filled, we sit down to feast
Whats for supper?
They laugh with mouths full
We kid and tease across the table
Raising each new child up
With the stories of what went before
Nourishing body with food and stories to be told at future tables
Each meal a study of family, then and now-
The meanings of hospitality, generosity, grace
Feasting on the banquet of love.

–written for the dVerse prompt ‘Foodloose’ So this is not necessarily about food but about the sharing of it. We are big on family meals especially when we can get the whole family together. It is something I cherish and look forward to each year. *Smiles* K

5 thoughts on “Love’s Banquet

  1. def makes me think of thanksgiving and the holidays….at my moms house we have to mix n match the china sets as well to get a full table now that we have all the grands…but nothing beats those times around the table and the stories…though some we have heard many a time…still fun….we need to gather around the table more often as families…

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