Standing in Line in the Ozarks

A short meeting,
Just the time spent in line,
She is buying two cans
Of soup, off brand.
Apologizing, she counts out her pennies,
I smile and say ‘No problem-How’s your day?’
‘Oh, I’m worried about my boy.’
‘Well, boys are something to worry about.’
‘Yes, I fear he is headin’ to prison-
I caught him drinkin’ last night
And when they catch him driving…
I worry he will follow his brother to the grave.’
She turns and smiles
As I volunteer, ‘I’ll pray for him.’
And I do-
For him
And her
And for all us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death.

18 thoughts on “Standing in Line in the Ozarks

  1. Great piece–I felt I was in line behind you, watching your encounter. And something about the title captured my attention as well. I guess it’s because I didn’t think of the Ozarks as a place that requires you to wait in line!

    • I’m happy you liked the poem – and that the title drew you in. I am not completely happy with the title – should probably be Standing in Line (at the Dollar General in Stone County in the Missouri Ozarks) but that seemed a little unwieldy! : ) K

  2. oh it was nice that you offered to pray for her and just showed her that you care…the world needs more people like you who see when others are troubled and offer help…

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