Wake Wake Wake

Wake wake wake
Call the jays from the top of the cedar
Day awaits the lazy sleeper
Wake wake wake
From your slumber to greet the new day
Autumn is here, her abundance awaits
Wake wake wake
Rise from your summer stupor
Walk in the leaf filled air
Hear the sound of the acorns
Crunching under each footfall
Wake wake wake
To the chill of the applely day
Round and snapping with crispness
Wake wake wake
Autumn has arrived

14 thoughts on “Wake Wake Wake

  1. wonderful (3x). wakes me up from my summer stupor, kindles within me the anticipation of autumn colors, the crisp air and apples, and all the wonderful sights and sounds described in this lovely poem! I enjoyed it a lot, Kathleen!

    • Well, that is taken from my morning – I’m being a lazybones and trying to get myself moving! Our weather has changed to absolute perfection – so I am out to clean the perennial beds and put mums in the pots by the door. Hope you are having a wonderful first day of Autumn, my friend! K

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