Angel Visitation II

Just what I need
A messenger on official business.
Full of feathers and light,
This angel won’t take no for an answer.

God knows
I haven’t been to the mailbox in months
-mail phobia-
A glimpse of the mailtruck
puts knots in my stomach,
a choke hold on my throat.

And, now, here is a celestial envelope
An angel with a knowing smile,
All shiny and expectant.
I take the heavenly missal,
open the flap,
pull out the divine card
And read…



28 thoughts on “Angel Visitation II

  1. Divine! 🙂 (Actually….between you and me…I have that fear! Seriously…hubby or the child has to check the post…long story!) Still chuckling though…this was awesome!

  2. smiles…ok you made me laugh a bit…i like that it says fear not…is is nice as well to get that missive or reassurance….and i have been afraid to check that mail box before…smiles…

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