Bright Pink

Bright Pink

She moves quickly
Through the darkened streets,
Quick and furtive,
Eyes down avoiding
The others making their way
In the graying gloom.
Her key in the lock-
‘I’m home’
Then rushes past the doorway.
‘Come here!’
The demand from the kitchen.
Where have you been and who with-
Don’t want you doing nothing with that bunch!
The words stupid, no good, ugly
Follow her from the room.
Head shaking the sharp tears from her eyes,
She runs up the stairs,
Closing the door to the bathroom.
Peeling off the shapeless sweater,
She starts the bath,
The gray uniform removed,
She slips in the hot water.
Peeking out of the suds,
Toenails painted bright pink-
She smiles.

Written for the DVerse poetry prompt about rebels or rebellion. Just made me think of the little rebellions in each life – even if they can’t be seen.

30 thoughts on “Bright Pink

  1. Sometimes taking control of the small things in our lives is enough to drive those who want to control us wild – it’s a great from of rebellion. Lovely, emotionally powerful piece of writing.

  2. whew…some hard emotion in the coming home like that…a harsh reality…i like how you layer this…the formless sweater….the hard interaction …it all leads up well to her little bit of control…and rebellion…smiles….

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