Marigolds always remind me of you,
I guess because you despised them so.
Were the flowers too ordinary
or their spicy fragrance offensive to your superior senses?
Were their colors of yellow, orange, gold, rust
too garish for your discriminating taste?
Too bright, too gaudy, too common?
A lowly flower found in cheap seed packets
and blooming in less tasteful gardens,
their cheerful, happy countenance, a childish bouquet.

We were never the exquisite flower to place in your lapel,
marigolds and me.

โ€“ Kathleen G. Everett ยฉ 2012

28 thoughts on “Marigolds

  1. Well, I hope the next bouqet that rotter gets…dusts him with enough pollen to sneeze his way to hell. Plenty of lapels waiting for your marigolds!

  2. i always rather go for the non-exquisite and less complicated…both..when it comes to flowers and people…ugh…it stings if you like someone who thinks someone else is not exquisite enough to spend time with..

  3. oh snap….love the close on this…ugh….great contrast in the first two lines that sets the tone…and you know in the end i imagine you are far better off…not good enough, harumph….

  4. Funny the things that remind us and yeah if they are too wack and think they are better, kick them from your shack and make the door hit them on the way out haha

  5. Kathleen, wonderful poem. I really like the use of “marigolds” as a metaphor throughout even from your very first line asking — “Marigolds always remind me of you,
    I guess because you despised them so.” ?? And then you unfolded each characteristic —
    “Were the flowers too ordinary”…. “a childish bouquet” — lovely
    I certainly made bouguets out of marigolds too!
    Lovely — marigolds are not really ordinary — a wildflower close to a child’s heart!

  6. I like the flower comparision very much! Even the simplest of flowers is worthy of appreciation (and that goes for people too). Very well done, Kathleen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. marigolds are the only flower that make me sneeze

  7. It makes me sad & angry when someone thinks we’re not good enough for them…but I’ve since learned that it means they are not good enough for us & we are better off without them …IMHO ๐Ÿ™‚

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