Late August

Odd over ripe days of late August-
Heat drifts by in waves to be washed out
In the darkening dusk.
The sultry night cooling minute by minute
As the earth tilts towards the equinox.
We sit on the porch eating peaches
The last fruit of the orchard
Now swept of debris.
Only the wasps and bees remain
Still searching for that last drop
Of sweet succulent summer.

31 thoughts on “Late August

  1. great lines here. Still searching for that last drop, totally feel that. Actually, neat that you mention peaches in here, as I bought some the other day, as I’ve been longing for one, but two days now and they haven’t ripened yet, in the brown bag and all. Now, more than earlier, hoping tomorrow will be the day. Really nice piece. thanks

  2. “last drop of sweet succulent summer” love the sound of this. I picture the juices of the peach dripping down the chin as the light fades in the distance. Lovely write.

  3. yum..i want some peaches…smiles….i love sitting ont eh porch as we turn to fall…it is my fav part of the year…i so look forward to your captures of it in the ozarks….smiles.

  4. And the hummingbirds… loading up for migration. Yes, we’re all a bit meloncholy … the promise of summer is nearing its end and there are still so many heart aches to deal with…. still, our souls migrate through the seasons… sipping the nectar of flowers here and there. The sweetness of life… the love of our family and friends.

  5. very beautiful..reading your verse i already feel some sweet nostalgia.. though summer days are not gone still..thank you for sharing~

  6. love how you capture the atmosphere in this…the inclusion of taste…the wasps and bees searching for the last drops of summer…nice and a bit mournful…beautifully mournful

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