Glimpses of Hummingbirds

morning chorus of whirs and clicks –
gossipy chatter at breakfast –


hummingbirds sweep through the morning air –
gathering all the emeralds and rubies –
morning treasure


dancing thru the raindrops –
a whirl, a waltz, a do si do –
hummingbirds in the morning air


filling the feeders –
hummingbirds swarm around my head –
halo of jewels


aerial ballet –
somersaults, spins and dives –
hummingbirds in the morning air


cedar filled with small jeweled bodies-
emerald feathers glisten –
accented with rubies –


can you name the four chambers-
of the hummingbird’s heart?-
rainforest, emerald, hibiscus and ruby.

8 thoughts on “Glimpses of Hummingbirds

  1. Wow! You have a veritable blessing of hummingbirds! I feel so lucky that there’s a family of them living in the cherry tree across the street. I get to see them most days, especially just before dusk. But you’ve got a whole swarm of the little fellows!

    Love that last verse, especially – gorgeous!

  2. I heard that due to the drought many of the wildflower fields these birds depend upon to migrate are barren of flowers and that is why so many feeders have seen so many hummingbirds this year. You may be saving a species by feeding these beautiful creatures… They have a very long trip ahead of them. Good work and wonderful morning treasures…

    • We have been feeding since we moved here 10 yrs ago. There are three big cedar trees that they love to hide in and 3 big feeders filled 2-3 times a day to keep them satisfied. We usually have 2 to 3 hatches each year and the babies are so amazingly tiny. It is just astonishing to sit on our porch and watch their antics – Such a joy! But by mid Oct they are gone – heading to a winters stay in Central Am – then we await their return in mid April!

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