Is it too trite
To write
That the river
Is a
For our love?
And to use the old saying that
You never step into the same river twice?
Because it is

Driving through the dark Ozarks night,
Following the hollows along the river,
A young couple in our headlights-
Wet, walking hand in hand-
Coming up from a midnight swim.
Suddenly, I am transported-
I am that girl-
Shy, bold and holding your hand,
Feeling your wet skin for the first time,
The rush of the river,
The rush of the newness.
Then, I laugh and see myself
Reflected in your laughing eyes
Illuminated by the dashboard lights.
We drive towards home,
Splashing in the river.

32 thoughts on “Metaphor

  1. My goodness, I’m speechless. beautifully written, rather beautifully wrapped the sheer timeless love, in absolute words. Loved it.

  2. smiles…you two have a beautiful kinda love….i like the pogression of this and how you go from the river to the couple to yourselves and a reflection on your love….really nice ma’am

  3. love it..what a great capture of the scene.. the car drive, the young couple in the headlights and the story just flows together and everything makes perfect sense…love that sense of closeness…and wanna go for a midnight swim now…smiles

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