Faithless Friend

Faithless Friend

Love never ends, you know.
Though we do not speak
And will avert any glance
If we should ever meet
Faithless friend.
Lightning striking,
A friendship forged
Over time, not in steel,
But iron pyrite,
Fools gold.
Confidences thought kept
Found to be worthless fodder
For amusements of others.
And then the shrug
Of a cold shoulder
Where once hot tears
Were shed, and imagined
Comfort found.
Not so,
As the grief
Of a broken vow
Pain gave way to forgiveness
(not asked for but freely given).
So released,
Faithless friend,
With a reminder-
Love never ends
And still remains,
And will forever, faithfully.

18 thoughts on “Faithless Friend

  1. I’ve found that when a relationship ends, and once the anger and sadness takes a back seat, a sort of peace happens. I no longer love my ex fiancé; he hurt me too much to ever have my love. I do care about him though, and no longer see the point in holding any sort of grudge.

    Wonderful poem, you have a lovely turn of phrase.

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