Still Indulging in Love Poems

Here are a couple more poems about and for my husband. The first was written after I decided I would not make a good spider ( I made a mess of a patch!) And the second is a Valentine written to Bob many years ago.  I hope they make you smile.
Here’s to love in all its forms!


Weaving warp to weft
Bringing filament
Through each line
Of screen.
Needle with
Transparent thread
Forming a web
Of irregular pattern.
A modern day Arachne
Patching the window screen
Torn when her husband
Forgot his key.

Kathleen G. Everett, The Course of Our Seasons 2011

The Kitchen Song

She loves him sweet and tender
She loves him with pies and cake
She loves him with buttery little biscuits
The kind she likes to bake.

She loves him good and hearty
She loves him with beef stew
She loves him with ribs and goulash
And rich bowls of thick burgoo.

She loves him hot and spicy
She loves him with red cayenne
She loves him with jalapeno peppers
And secret recipes from the Yucatan.

She loves him dark and steamy
She loves him with coffee and cream
She loves him with Earl Grey and Oolong
And toddies spiked with Jim Beam.

She loves him in so many ways
She loves him the best she can
She loves him sweet and good and hot,
Her sweet talkin’ everlovin’ man.

Kathleen G. Everett. The Course of Our Seasons 2011

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