Time Travel

Time Travel

Heading east on 40 and traveling back in time,
We cross river after river on sturdy bridges of steel
Where once the crossings were longer and wetter.
The hourly distance covered now took weeks, months,
Years of heaving oxen and strong legs.
The Smoky Mountains blue in the late afternoon light
As we turn off the highway to a county road.
In a tiny town tucked in against the ridge.
‘Do you know where we would go to find…?’
We follow directions and pull into the yard,
Greeted by a young father and small son.
‘Do you mind?’  ‘No, they rest right here.’
My forebearers, first of my family on the continent,
Their headstones surrounded by roses.
Surviving the hardship of the ocean voyage,
Cutting the long trail across a strange land
To this place in the wilderness.
Settled in 1698 and died in 1726
On a most beautiful of mountains.
We stay for a few minutes then head back to the freeway,
Back to the future they could never imagine,
The future made possible only in their dreams.


For the Yetts, my father’s mother’s  mother’s people.

18 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. haha…you come to my neck of the woods to go back in time…trust me there are a few exits if you get off you might not get back on you travel back so far…smiles….welcome back to the future…nice piece cathleen…hey i wrote about branson…smiles..

    • Thanks, Brian – I read the Titanic poem – loved the teeth chatter – so sad and poignant. For some reason, I can’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. Will keep trying tho – all the best to you and yours. K

  2. wow..this journey back in time felt very real and just a few miles away… loved where you took us and then heading towards the future again with a backpack well packed with a good heritage..

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