The Dark Night

The Dark Night

Fear invades, pervades, masquerades in calm seas,
Tossed into sets of broken dreams, unseamed hems
Of garments rent in grief.  No sweet hand of relief
To a burning brow, to wipe unshed tears
Across the bruised cheek.  Dissonant hymns
Of grace rejected, bounce from cellar to steeple.
Flags sway in changing breeze to catch the sharper
Wind, not seen but felt on skin whose
Pallor has moved from gray to gray, undone by
The aspect of different circumstance and need.
What has truly changed, nothing. Nothing but
Possibilities and options, the  awareness
Of the nearness and the dark night.

12 thoughts on “The Dark Night

  1. dang…this feels so heavy by the end…like what is the use…when nothing has really changed…Nothing but
    Possibilities and options, the awareness
    Of the nearness and the dark night

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