Tempus Fuget

Tempus Fuget

Translating the ancient language of our long marriage-
Our vocabulary of years, memory and choices:
Love as verb
Cor ad cor loquitur…Heart speaks to heart
Love as noun
Amor vencet omnia…Love conquers all
But in the diagramming of that sentence is the lie-
Time, not love, is the conqueror
And our end is closer than our beginning.
Eheu fugaces labuntur anni 
Alas the fleeting years slip by
In ictu oculi
In the blink of an eye….
Tempus fuget
time flies.

Maybe too literal a translation : ) Just my little contribution to the dVerse prompt. K

14 thoughts on “Tempus Fuget

  1. I have a couple of anniversaries coming up to remember… Hope you don’t mind if I copy this out to stick in each card????

  2. I love the metaphors and symbols used for a long marriage. I echo the other comments. This is very well done, in terms of the Latin interspersed in the poetry. It makes the whole piece very effective and brings out the message in a masterful way.

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