At the First Sign of Rain

protected against the brutal sun,
the windows stand covered
with bamboo shades and cotton drapes,
armor against the seasons heat.
fans whir and lift the curtains
as if to peek out to the world-
a winters feeling in mid summer.
the rooms oddly smaller
with no sky at the panes.

we read and wait-
staying cool and shaded-
longing for freedom
from our confines,
to the world beyond,
at the first sign of rain.

8 thoughts on “At the First Sign of Rain

  1. Beautiful snapshot of huddling away from the scorching sun! I am in North Carolina, probably not nearly as hot, but it has been so, so viscious lately. The line about the covered windows lending to the feeling of the room being smaller is especially nice. I get that way when I want to be out gardening, but I’d probably pass out if I tried. :smiles:

    • My husbands fam is in NC – I think yall have had more rain – but that means more humidity too! My poor garden has had it this year – so will wait to plant in the fall again. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your time! K

  2. I like this poem – the way you capture the cabin fever of summer – we are deeply into it here in Texas and we must have huge central air cooling units to survive – I was out earlier and curtailed errands because the heat to and fro the shops is just intolerable – 108 degrees by my car thermometer! So stay cool and keep writing. Well done!

    • Thanks, Gay. We are unbelieveably hot and dry too. This week has been about 100ish – and our AC went out Mon nite – yikes – it was repaired the next day , but what on earth would we do without it! I am a misplaced Texan myself, now in the MO Ozarks. Thanks for dropping by and commenting – I appreciate it! K

  3. As I read this I am listening to the “summer” portion of Vivaldi’s “four Seasons.” How serendipitous is that? Lovely poem–like how the wondows are smaller without sky.

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