The Swarm

They’re baaaack!
Our swarms of hummingbirds have returned – a few weeks later than normal. But this has hardly been a normal year, weather-wise or season-wise. We had a few birds show up in late April, the most we had seen were 5 or 6. Then we had a mini-swarm after the first hatch, with all the baby birds coming to the feeders. They are so sweet. They are too small to sit on the little perches and feed, so they just buzz over the ports. And the nestlings are used to being together, so will share a port while feeding. We sometimes see a baby who still has a portion of the egg stuck to him. I wonder if it is some sort of umbilical cord from the egg. Do birds have belly buttons? Well, that is a subject for a different post!
But beginning in late June, we have been descended upon. If you could actually count the number of birds, which I think is near impossible, I bet we have at least 50 to 60 birds at the feeders, in the air or in the cedar trees. It is just an unbelieveably wonderful sight. I have three feeders, two hang from the screened porch and one is on the line under the cedar trees. I am filling them at least twice a day now. There have been times in past summers that we have filled them four times in a day.
They are a joy to watch and we find ourselves spending hours outside just enjoying their antics.
They will remain until the fall and will start their journey to Central America in October. By about the middle of that month, they will be gone.
Here are a few collective nouns I found describing hummingbirds: a bouquet of, a charm of,  a chattering of, a drum of, a glittering of, a hover of, a shimmer of Hummingbirds. I like them all!

So in the course of our seasons, we have a season of hummingbirds. Hope you find your season to be filled with charm too!


5 thoughts on “The Swarm

    • Hi Jane – we were concerned that something had happened because we had so few early in the summer – now the tribe is back. They bring so much fun to our lives – such odd and beautiful creatures! And where there is one- there will be at least one other! Enjoy! K

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