All That Matters

All That Matters

Is it the whys or wheres
And the hows and whats  that matter?
Which direction the earth moves
Across space and through time-
The how of stars and sparrows-
The what of air and love?

Where the sun brightens in the eastern sky
And how the light sparks in your blue eyes-
What brings the flower to fruit,
heavenly peaches, warm and sweet in my mouth,
Or moves the north wind to ruffle your hair?
Why the night smoothes the bark on the elm
To a shimmering silver and makes
the moon glow bright across your face?

How the water springs from the earth
Cool and clear or where the secret ferns
Cast green shadows in the hollows?
Why faint dreams of darkest oceans
Bring the briny salt to my tears.

In all the sacred texts and profane imaginings,
Simple physics and complex mathematics,
the how of you and the why of me
Is all, in the end, that really matters.

Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

8 thoughts on “All That Matters

  1. love the thoughtful voice here…and esp. that last stanza..that you bring physics and mathematics in to the how and why…wasn’t expecting this….works tremendously well

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