The Last Really Good Shack 27

Well, here it is. The first photograph of the shack. This was early in the cleaning stage – the drive had been scraped – I can tell by the earth in the foreground. The front door had been replaced and the yard had been cleared of car parts and debris. This is taken at the bottom of the drive.
I still remember those days clearly. The long days cleaning, the sense of newness and adventure. The hopes and dreams of creating this home together.  A wonderful time in our lives.

Until next time……

13 thoughts on “The Last Really Good Shack 27

  1. I love seeing a house with character. So much that I consider charming in a building has been pushed to the wayside in these sleek, modern, “cookie cutter” monstrosities I see popping up all over lately. Give me an old house with slanting floors and doors that aren’t plum with the frame anyday! There’s history in those walls! 🙂

      • Can’t wait to see the story unfold!

        Thank you so much for the encouragement! I appreciate your reading. Nothing on Eureka…yet. Our summer has been jammed packed. Hoping we find some time in the fall. How was your recent trip there?

      • We just had a quick trip – lunch at Sparkys. Had the Picasso Platter (goat cheese, olive tapenade, veggies and pita) and fries. A weird combo – but hey, it was my birthday! Town was crowded so we did a little shopping – stopping by to say hi to friends – then home.

  2. It sounds like you are revisiting a home you once lived in here… I know the strange feeling that produces …

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