Summer Garden

The climate has changed for us – we lost a huge saw tooth oak that shaded the whole front of our house. Broke my heart, but it was rotten and a hazard. So now, instead of my old standbys of impatiens and other shade lovers, I am experimenting with more sun loving flowers.
So far, I have been happy with the result. I am hoping that that the speckled coleus will keep doing as well as it is. It is a cheerful welcome at the door.
We are off to Colorado for a week. Not sure if I will be checking in, but hope to have lots of things to tell you and pictures to share.
Take care, my friends, and enjoy this first week of summer!

As always, it is all in the course of our seasons!

11 thoughts on “Summer Garden

  1. Love the pictures. Your flowers look fantastic. I planted mine in the middle of May and we’ve had such heat here in the Midwest that it is already beginning to look like July, no matter how much I water. Ugh! Good luck!! 🙂

    • We brought the HOT weather with us from CO – and it has been difficult to keep enough water on anything in our yard this week. What part of the midwest? We are in SW MO. And thanks for dropping by – I appreciate it! K

      • We’re just outside of St. Louis. Hopefully this heat will break for us all soon! And as long as I’m wishing for things, some rain would be nice! LOL!

  2. I lost all our ash trees right after my husband passed away… had the same transition. Have a grand vacation… we all have to take a break and change the scenery every so often…

    • Your world changed completely – what a compounding of sorrow. So sorry for your loss. Time away is always a joy – just to be out of the routine. And to spend time with dear friends is always the best time spent. Thanks – K

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