Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Hold fast to the blue cried the stones and the trees answered reaching far into the sky as the roots pushed deep into the rocky ground grasping the dark earth

Hold fast to the blue cried the hawk and the clouds answered pushing through the water fixing the hydrogen and oxygen into raindrops as the sky darkened with swift lightning and dense thunder

Hold fast to the blue cried the heart and the tears fell hot and hard to water the ground bringing the roots of the soul past the trees into the clouds to fly with the hawk into the blue.

Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

23 thoughts on “Into the Blue

  1. this has a really beautiful flow to it…the repetition to start each line is effective…it builds in emotion as it goes on…and has some wonderful imagery as well….

      • Hi. I think all poetry is always ‘in process’. I am curious… if you make changes to the poem, will you do an edit to your blog post? Jane

      • I actually have made edits a couple of times already from the original post. Many poems that I post are fairly quick writes with some editing – probably shouldn’t do it that way. But I will work on and edit many times after and most of the time, will not go back and edit the original posted poem. What is your process? K

      • Hi. I want to keep the work as up to date as possible, so I do go back and make edits from time to time. I work and re-work poems many times, usually before the post. It would be interesting to see the before and after versions. Jane

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