This is the garden in front of the screened porch on the lakeside of our house and my stellas are in riotous bloom! They are stella supremas, the cousin to the stella d’oros, but are a pale yellow rather than the deep orangey gold of the d’oros.
We think this is their fourth year and we will probably divide them this fall. But they are so gorgeous right now, I had to share them with you!

I also wanted to show you two of our daily visitors. A daddy drake and son, busily grooming our yard of all the newly planted grass. And all the seed on the ground from the feeders too!

10 thoughts on “Stella!

  1. My lilies won’t bloom for awhile. We’re just past peonies… which of course got drowned again this year up here. Your gardens are lovely.

  2. I heard you guys were lilly lovers! 🙂 Thanks from naming the Stella Supremes, I’ve been trying to remember what the pale yellow ones are called. I have too many d’oros and want to replace some of them with the now named Supremes! Maybe I’ll name one of them Diana!

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