Intruder on the Porch

This morning, early, when Bob went down to survey the kingdom, he heard a noise on the porch. And it didn’t take him long to discover the culprit! One of our local squirrels had eaten through screen to get to the sunflower seeds.
This was the only picture I could get – need new batteries!
And I was happy I wasn’t the one to go down stairs first – I would have opened all the sliding doors in the den and probably ended up chasing a squirrel all over the house!
Bob propped open the screen doors and our little intruder took off like his tail was on fire and headed to the woods.  Nothing like a little fun early on Saturday morning! Hope you find your day eventful – but maybe not squirrel-ly!

8 thoughts on “Intruder on the Porch

  1. What a neat photo! When I saw the title to this post, I thought it might be a raccoon–we used to have loads of those funny characters.

    We live in a condo, with a small patio and garden area–and I treasure every chipmunk and squirrel. Last week a huge hawk perched on our bird feeder. I was afraid for my little friends, but none of them got caught.

    Wasn’t it Thoreau who wrote something about how quickly nature moves in to erase the traces of man?!

    • Thanks, Margaret. We have many raccoons too – last year lost 5 hummingbird feeders to them. But this little guy chewed through our new screen door – fabric mesh instead of wire. Did it twice before we could get the repairs done!
      Our happiest recreation is sitting on the porch watching all the wildlife – isn’t it sad that many people can’t be bothered by the wealth of beauty around us each day?
      And that quote is so true – especially if I don’t weed my perennial beds!
      Thanks again for dropping by – have a lovely evening!

  2. We made the same mistake with the same result. Those squirrels will do anything to get at the sunflower seeds. Thankfully the damage was just the screen and not any wood. Now if the stupid rabbit would just stay out of the yard. . . you’d think the beagle chasing it repeatedly would be enough.

    • Hi Nancy -We have never had them tear up the screen before – Bob said it could have at least chosen a spot that was already in need of repair, instead of the new screen door! Oh well. Good luck with the rabbits – they ate our clematis last year right as they were in full bud – just nipped the vine. Have a great rest of the weekend, my friend. K

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