Whirs and Clicks

Whirs and Clicks

Whirs and clicks
gears and sprockets
ancient augury proves the inner workings of the minute compartments
blue veins and red arteries drawn on parchment
thin lines through each wing and tongue
jewelers settings of  green stones
emeralds from South America and ruby  facets forming the throat
tiny automaton
whirs and clicks
miniature wings beating the air
whirs and clicks
microscopic prisms reflecting the lightest feather breaking it into light and color
encyclopedia of whirs and clicks
tiny automaton floats in air
whirring and clicking to each flower
whirs and clicks

Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

8 thoughts on “Whirs and Clicks

    • Thank you – hummingbirds always remind me of little wind up jeweled birds because they just can’t be real birds! : ) And the sounds they make are very mechanical. We will have 40 -60 of these remarkable creatures around the feeders during the summer – such a joy!

  1. Yup, it feels, almost sounds just like that when they come to the feeder, doesn’t it? Whirs and clicks. 🙂 Poetry and Birds. I think they might be the same thing.

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