The Great Spring Migration

Yes, the GREAT MIGRATION has begun!  I saw 7 turtles booking across the roadways on my way into work this morning. (yes, they are probably a type of tortoise, but I call anything turtle-like, a turtle!)
It has been unusually warm for the past 4 weeks and just down right hot for the past couple of days. So the soil temperature is up and these wonderful little creatures are waking up and off to see the world.
This particular turtle was in the center of our road. I stopped to take his photo – not very camera friendly – and then moved him to the roadside. My dad always said that if you moved a turtle to one side, he was probably trying to get to the other and so you just caused him a longer trip! But this little fellow was pointed in that direction so that is where I took him.
We will see many of his brothers and sisters in the next few weeks – just another part of the course of our seasons!

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