The Place We Live

This is the view from our bedroom window. I know! In the den we have a plaque that reads ‘Anyone who is lucky enough to live by the water is lucky enough.’ And we believe it!

Our little community of 50 or so houses rests around a small cove at the end of a long peninsula jutting out onto Table Rock Lake. It is a community of vacation and summer homes. There are only 5 full timers living here. So for 9 months out of the year, it is a little like living in a ghost town. We have a few neighbors that will come almost every weekend and there are a few homes that have never been visited since we have lived here – almost ten years now. But for the most part, these are homes that have been used by families every year for summer vacations – maybe a week or two every year.

The homes are modest – some more modest than others – and about what you would expect for lake cabins. Our home is small but has lots of porches and we added an apartment several years ago for my mom. So it lives bigger than its actual square footage. And it is amazing how many people we can get in this house when all the family comes for a visit! These are probably the times when I love this house the best – when it is filled with loved ones – eating together, playing games and laughing a lot!

We are now preparing for the return of the neighbors. With the warm spring weather, folks will start coming in on weekends to open the houses and do a little yard work, check on boats and docks, and get ready for the summer season. I always laugh that from Memorial weekend until Labor Day, its like the circus has come to town. The community will be full of kids and dogs and golf carts and boats and parties – lots of activity day and night. We love to see everyone come in in the spring, and by August, are ready to see them go!

Its a beautiful and fun place and we know we are lucky enough to live here!

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