Lovely in Her Diminishment

Lovely in Her Diminishment

Waning crescent moon,
dark hued and lovely
in her diminishment,
cradles in upturned arms
the shadow of her fullness.
The dark roundness
heavy against the setting bow,
fills the void
of what once was abundance
and will be again.
Her ebbing light,
soon to darkness and rest
in a starry landscape,
until her rebirth,
the silver sliver loveliness of the
waxing crescent moon.

Kathleen G. Everett  © 2012

9 thoughts on “Lovely in Her Diminishment

  1. So beautiful, Kathleen.

    My first thoughts went to my mother in her very old age. “Lovely In Her Diminishment.” Yet her spirit grew stronger.

    I surely agree about comments and the blessings of feedback! Ellen

    • Thanks, Nancy – the sky has been beautiful lately with the crescent moon and the big shining planets. I wanted to thank you for your comments and time – you encourage me with each comment and I so appreciate it. Have a lovely evening star gazing!

      • You are welcome. I feel the same way about the readers who take time to leave comments on my blog also, which is why I try to respond timely to each of them.

        I’m glad that my stopping by is an encouragement to you 🙂

        It’s still cold here at night and the stars are great. When I get home from work, I stand there for a few minutes and just look around.

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