A Crime Against Goldfish


We have a possible culprit, though I will admit the evidence is circumstantial.
Bob and I were walking to the car and I saw a great blue heron flying through our yard.
I told Bob – I bet that bird ate my fish!
No, he said, they are just hiding in the rocks. They will come out in a bit.
Now I will tell you that these are not the pampered expensive goldfish that folks put in their ponds. No, these were among 12 little fish in a $10 bag from the bait shop last summer. The other little goldfishies met their untimely deaths, not as bait, but in the filter of the pond or some leaping onto the rocks around the pond. So these were the last two goldfish, living their happy goldfish lives in our pond.

And they are GONE!

There is a rumor that the heron took them to lunch… and they haven’t been seen since.

You be the judge!

8 thoughts on “A Crime Against Goldfish

  1. The HERON did it ~ in the goldfish pond ~ with the candlestick.

    (Or maybe that was Col. Mustard ~ either way ~ the Heron did it!)


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