The Last Really Good Shack 22

We had been in the house for a few weeks – Dad and Mom had come to see us for their first stay. (That visit is another story for another time!) And we were settling in to the pattern of our lives – finding where things were to go in the house, moving furniture around- just playing house.
One night – it was probably mid to late June, because Bob was working nights at the blueberry co-op. He would help growers unload their berries into the trucks going to the wholesalers. And I was upstairs in the north bedroom, our spring and summer bedroom, with our three dogs, Lacy, Eubie and Ruffles.
Now, I do need to tell you about our most well loved dogs!
Lacy Junebug was a dachsund/beagle and our first. She was the epitome of both breeds, the color red of a dachsund with the stockier beagle body, and could give you a look with those big hound dog eyes. She was a really smart and a  good girl. She loved to play sock – Bob would stuff an old sock with other socks and tie a big knot at the end. He would throw it down the hallway and Lacy would run after it, attack it and bring it back for another throw!
Eubie Goode was our second child and our only boy. We are not sure what Eubie was – I always said he was part terrier and part tasmanian devil! He was a beautiful boy, looked like a minature english sheepdog, a stocky body with a big head – not a big dog – just about 20 lbs. And he had the biggest, shiniest, blackest nose! He was definately Bob’s dog – they would play catch until Bob’s arm ached and Eubie was still ready for more! He would occasionally want my attention – he would climb up into my lap and let me love on him, then he was done, only to come back in a few weeks for more mamma time.
And Ruffles, the baby. She was part cocker and part lhasa and had the worst attributes of both breeds. Not a smart dog, but blonde and beautiful with a kind heart. Everyone loved her, but she was my baby! She was soft and cuddly, more a stuffed animal than dog! Such a sweetie.
Anyway, that night, we were all on the bed and suddenly, the biggest rainstorm came crashing. It was filled with lightning and thunder and so much rain! The dry creek at the bottom of the ridge that ran along the road, filled quickly and overflowed. The road was rushing like a river, flowing past the house and down to the creek a few miles to the south.
Well, the dogs and I huddled together – I figured that the house had stood against storms for over 100 years and this one would probably not wash us away. That’s when I heard a fast dripping sound and water began pouring into the room and onto the bed!
I ran downstairs to get pans and towels. Bringing all this up to the bedrooms, I put towels and pans under each drip, including the one over the bed.
Time to call a roofer!!!

The next week, we called roofer and agreed to a contract with a local man. We decided since we would not be able to use the chimney, we would have it brought below the roof line and roofed over. We asked that a vent turbine be installed near this area so that the attic space would vent in the heat of the summers. And we contracted to have the shed roof replaced over the bathroom and laundry room.
When Mom and Dad had visited, he had laughed that our bathroom was just a little better than an outhouse. You could sit on the toilet and see the stars at night and if it rained, you didn’t need to get in the tub,  just stand there and you would get a refreshing shower!
So within the next few days, we had the roofing crew show up and Bob and I left for work. It was a good thing that I worked close to home – I usually would come home for lunch and to check on the dogs. But this time, I thought it would be best to check on the workers and see how things were progressing.
When I arrived, it was apparent that there had been a miscommunication and possibly a crew of new workers who didn’t understand the principles of roofing. First, they had taken the chimney down and covered the roof over it – no problem. But it was the shed roof – they had installed the vent turbine in the shed roof and they had nailed the roofing going backwards! So instead of the material overlapping down, it overlapped up! Not sure how waterproof that would be! So I called the owner and explained what I had found and that I felt the crew needed some supervision. And luckily, he made it all right – we got a new roof for the bathroom and laundry and the vent was placed correctly in the attic.
Our home was now rain proof and water tight. But Dad said he still missed seeing the stars while sitting on the toilet!

Until next time….

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