February in the Ozarks

February in the Ozarks

Ridge and hollow,
hill and meadow,
the colors reflect
in the late winter sky.
Not the bright blue
of an October day,
but hues of beige and gray
with no sparkle of yellow
or startling scarlet
to thrill the hungry eye.
Our senses dulled
by a season of monotony,
perceiving nothing.

All the while, the trees,
sassafras and oak,
hickory and gum,
begin to awake from deep thoughts of winter
to feel the call of longer days and lingering sun.
Stretching their pores and veins
to the newness of spring sap,
rising to the heights of limb and twig,
soon to be filled with buds
of the riotous greens of April.

–Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

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