The Garden in February

There is a monotony in the landscape this time of year. Its not that things aren’t happening – you can see that my daffodils are up and the foliage is bright green against the fallen leaves left from autumn. And here are tulips just breaking through. And February can have some spectacular snows. I have published pics from last year and the winter photo in the blog heading is from last February when ice covered the cove.

But this year, with the mild temperatures and the lack of any wintery precipitation, the winter views have had a sameness to them. And, truth be told, February is my least favorite month. The only saving grace is that there is always a chance of a really great snowstorm. And I love really great snowstorms!

These are pictures of my perennial garden today, with the daffodil foliage in the foreground. I love this garden, it is filled with columbines that sparkle in the spring and hostas and foxglove that cool it in the summer. I will keep you up to date on all the changes in the garden as we move through the course of our seasons.

2 thoughts on “The Garden in February

    • It has been so warm here, we actually have trees budding out. I hope that we get a little colder for a while and would love a couple of good snows. It has been a weird winter so far – so who knows! Thanks for dropping by and for your comment – have a great day!

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