The Last Really Good Shack 20

There are so many things that I learned after we moved into this house – especially since I had never lived out in the country. One of the first things I learned was – it is very dark at night! When we first moved in, there were no outside lights on the house and once you left the doorway at night, you walked into the darkest dark. That is, until I became accustomed to the country nights.

I loved to go outside and once my eyes adjusted, I could see the silhouettes of the huge oak trees and the outline of the trees at the top of the ridge. Then looking up,it was the stars. Oh my word, the stars! It was as if I had never seen stars before. And our sky was not broad. Because of how the house sat on the ridge and the steepness of the hillside, there was actually very little sky overhead. Our horizons were above the house, both east and west. So sunrises were late and sunsets, early. But I learned to love that strip of sky and its changing constellations.

In the summer, the night was filled with lightning bugs. There were nights that the trees were so thick with the fireflies, you could see shadows on the ground. Disney couldn’t have created anything more beautiful. And when these charming little beetles were out in force and we had a yard full of children, too, it was a picture made in heaven.

We were happy to have enjoyed the annual meteor showers in our little piece of the sky. And we were really lucky to make the acquaintance of  the comets, Hyukatake and Hale Bopp. Hale Bopp was magnificent and stayed in our view for a long time. So long in fact, that we missed him when he was gone. And, one summers night while on the porch with friends, a meteor crossed over our yard. A bright green light cast such a brilliant shadow, it was if a klieg light was over the house. It was seen over several states and was such an astonishing sight.  I will always remember the excitement and wonder we all felt – witnesses to something extraordinary.

But it seems there were always extraordinary things happening while we lived in the house – extraordinary acts of nature and acts of friendship and acts of love.

We will talk about all of these things in later posts – until next time…….

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