The Last Really Good Shack 19

Well, we were in – actually living in this wonderful old house. Now there were many projects in front of us, but we were IN!
One of the most important items on our list was some place to put Bob’s tools and store the outdoor stuff. We needed a shed!
At this time, Bob was working for a glass fabricating plant and the glass was delivered to this plant in large wooden crates – all 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 and 8 and 10 feet long. So we are talking BIG crates. And this wood was just left for recycling. So ….. we recycled some – well, quite a lot actually.
First, we brought the crates home just to store the tools. Remember, the ridge at the back of the house had just been cut away, so with the rainy season setting in, it was pretty muddy. We put the crates against the house and that is where Bob’s tools were put and covered with tarps.
This has reminded me of a story – doesn’t have anything to do with the shed – but the crates. One afternoon, we heard the dogs barking their heads off out in the yard. When we went out to see what was going on, we noticed the tall grass on the path moving. And I swear the biggest snake I have ever seen was moving down the path toward the house! It was an enormous rat snake. And being a smart city girl, I had read that these particular snakes were good snakes, not poisonous, and would eat mice and other snakes. So I told Bob, just get something and shoo it away from the house. Bob picked up a shovel and pushed the snake to try a get it to turn around. Well, that did not deter the snake at all and it was picking up speed and heading towards the house. By this time, I am standing on one of the crates, yelling Bob, Bob, its coming to the house, don’t let it in the house! Bob pushed it one more time and it raised up like a dang cobra and struck at the shovel – ka ching! Well, that was it – the snake was put out of our misery. And when Bob picked it up with the shovel, holding it almost waist high, it dragged the ground, on each side. That was a BIG snake.
The rat snake population and the new inhabitants of the house (us) learned to live in peace. We would see a few now and again but never one as large. We would occasionally see copperheads too and would be very careful when working in the garden.  I learned to live with a lot of the wildlife in our little haven, but we will talk about those in later posts.
And I will get back to the shed too.

Until then…..

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