A Gang of Wild Turkeys

On my way home yesterday, I spotted this group of wild turkeys feeding on the newly mown hay field. I pulled over and walked to the top of the ridge to get these pics – this is one of those times that I wish I had a good camera!

As soon as I topped the edge, they started off in the other direction – very skittish fowl!

I had to look up the collective noun for turkeys – they can be a flock, of course, but they are also a gang or a rafter! I love these collective nouns – some can be quite hilarious. There are good lists to be found on the internet – just google for them.

These wild things in our midst are always so thrilling to watch. Another wonderful part of the course of our seasons!

6 thoughts on “A Gang of Wild Turkeys

    • And I wonder if it is meant more for domestic turkeys – that they roost in the rafters? I think we could come up with a better description for wild turkeys! Will think on it – thanks for dropping by and commenting. I enjoy your blog too – Kathleen

  1. When I lived in Springfield there would be mornings that I drove to work and was blessed with the sight of wild animals such as deer and turkey. I would slow down just to look at the beauty God had given me that morning! I always thought He was allowing me to see his creations to slow me down when I was running too fast! Thanks for these!

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