A Subset of Morning

A Subset of Morning

Bluejay morning –
Sky feather blue with wispy white clouds-
A raucous song for the days start

Bluebird morning-
Sky feather blue with blush of red sun-
A flight of song to greet the day

Cardinal morning-
Sky feather red against black clouds-
Flash of brilliant song sparks the day

Mourning dove morning-
Sky feather gray with soft deep fog-
A  cooing lament to start the quiet day

Red tailed hawk morning-
Sky feather fast with rough rouged clouds
A sharp piercing cry to open the day

Goldfinch morning-
Sky feather yellow  with clouds molten gold-
A charmed song to start the day

Kathleen G. Everett  © 2012

10 thoughts on “A Subset of Morning

  1. Your simple, straightforward rhythm is matched by a rhythm of imagery, each bird, its cry and its color describing a different kind of day; yet perhaps the same day? Very lovely, and encouraging! I love the Ozarks region, esp. northwest Arkansas, the setting of my novel Lost Apple. I would say morning is the most beautiful time of day in the Ozarks and I can feel those sunrise hills in your poem.

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment – the Ozarks region is our chosen home and we love it. We were in Benton Co in NW AR for about 12 years – now on Table Rock Lake in Stone Co MO. And yes, mornings are lovely here… and evenings… and afternoons!
      Thanks again for stopping by. Kathleen

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