Meditation on the New Year part 2

I was rummaging through my desk drawer this morning, trying to find thank you notes, when I found a page with a short journal entry from December of 2001. It is as if my younger self was speaking to me today and I wanted to share it with you.

“Our only satisfaction must be to live in the present moment as if there were nothing to expect beyond it. Because there is nothing beyond this moment.”

“I will try this day to live a simple, sincere and serene life, repelling promptly every thought of discontent, anxiety, discouragement, impurity and self seeking; cultivating cheerfulness, charity and the habit of holy silence; exercising economy in expenditure, generosity of giving, carefulness in conversation, diligence in appointed service, fidelity to every trust and a childlike faith in God.”

I am not sure where this quote came from but I do know it should be attributed to someone and my apologies to the source.

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