Cloudy Sunday Morning at the Lake

This time of year, early winter, the weather can be changeable as springtime. We had a beautiful warm 70 degree Friday, and cooler but sunny Saturday, and today is cold and cloudy, with the smell of dampness in the air. My husband teases me that I will go out and sniff the air, like an old hound dog. And, I must confess, that I do!

Our winter has been balmy and mild so far, but I have seen Februarys turn brutal with ice and snow and frigid temps. So I know we can be happy now but the weather can turn suddenly.

Our early springs – as late as April – can be cold and snowy. I think the most snow I have ever seen fall was the middle of March. Bob and I played like children in it – making snow angels and bringing bowls full in to make snow ice cream.

The pics are from last February when the cove iced over and we had snow on the ground all month!

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