The Last Really Good Shack 16

We were last talking about the kitchen -the cabinets given to us by my Uncle Jim were installed and we had a double oven and range top from a garage sale.
Now to install the oven and range top, we needed the electrical system checked out and a 220 added to the kitchen.
Somehow, Bob knew a couple of journeyman electricians that were working on the side. We made arrangements for them to come to the house and give us an idea about what all was required to upgrade the electrical.
The first thing we discovered on their arrival was that there was not enough space in the fuse box – cleverly located outside on the south side of the house. And not only that, the fuse box on the well house was considered an antique with the button fuses. And, yes, one fuse sported a penny between it and the connection – an old timey remedy for a bad fuse.
Next on our electricians’ list of ancient wonders of the electrical universe was the attic – there they found cloth and knob wiring. For those that don’t know what that is – just know that it is BAD and DANGEROUS! Also, some enterprising soul had used extension cords wired together, without benefit of tape or wire nuts, just bare wire, to hardwire most of the second floor ceiling lights.
And, yes, Dear Reader, this is BAD and DANGEROUS and the house should have burned down decades ago.
But our heroes, the intrepid electricians made it all right. We had a new fuse box for the house (though we did leave the old button fuse box on the well house – don’t remember why), we had new wiring upstairs and down, new safe outlets and switches. It was a modern miracle! We were ready to install the kitchen appliances.
And if my memory serves, I think we paid them $600.00 for all of this!
Our dear friend, Les, a retired electrician came by to wire the new oven and stove, and proceded to wire it backwards, causing lots of consternation. But it was all soon put back right and we had a way to bake and cook to our hearts content.
This was 5 months after we had moved into the house!

I loved this kitchen and it’s bright sunny windows. Occasionally we would be startled by faces in these windows – our little family of deer would peer in to see what we were having for dinner. This kitchen was the center of activity and was the place that many friends and family were fed. There are lots of people in this world that have happy memories of meals served with love and laughter from this kitchen.

Until next time…….

3 thoughts on “The Last Really Good Shack 16

  1. WOW!, it sounds like you’ve been in MY house or Spring House *haha* what little bit of wiring that is left (read that as — hasn’t been stolen during the time it sat, abandoned) is the old cloth & tube, screw-in fuses and an “ancient” fuse box that was located inside of what was once a tiny bedroom closet. Needless to say, we are replacing and relocating the breaker box to the new mudroom / utility room in the back of the house, removing the meter from the house and repositioning it on a pole at the Spring House and trenching up to the house so it will all be underground. And, of course, the entire house has to be re-wired, too.

    All the best with your electrical *joys* mine are coming …

    • yes, the joys of old ramshackled dwellings! And the electrical issues are always the ones that could spell disaster pretty quickly. I am living vicariously through your exploits. We no longer live in our ‘really good shack’, but it will always be one of the great loves of my life! Have a great time with each piece of the puzzle – it will all be worth it!

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